Ny praktikant: säg hej till Mahesh!

Mahesh Krishnan är född och uppvuxen i Indien, och flyttade till Sverige med sin familj för ungefär ett år sedan. Han har under hösten påbörjat sitt andra år på Masterprogrammet International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, och under 10 veckor gör han nu praktik på Hållbarhetsteamet. Här berättar Mahesh lite mer om sig själv och sin bakgrund.

Hello Mahesh!

Please share a little of your background

I moved to Sweden in September 2022, with my family (wife and daughter). As a final-year master’s student at JIBS studying international logistics and supply chain management, I am now interning at Hallbarhetsteamet in Jonkoping. I was working in India prior to relocating to Sweden. I have international work experience for a total of 21 years in a variety of managerial and executive positions related to business operations and process development.

What is your experience so far?

Hallbarhetsteamet has a group of highly talented people with expertise in several aspects related to sustainability. I began by studying sustainability and emissions of the steel business through my internship with them.

What are you looking forward to?

I’m starting to look into CSRD, and I’m excited to see and learn how to support customers in realizing their sustainability objectives and aspirations in compliance with the guidelines. This will enhance my theoretical comprehension of the ideas I’ve learned in my program. I would also learn about the real-world problems that companies face and how they are being fixed through this process, which would be extremely beneficial to my job. 

I am also excited about the possibility of contributing to the company in whatever way I can during my internship.

Besides working and studying, what are things in life you value?

I like to lead a simple, happy life and believe that everything should be done with joy. Music, travelling, playing cricket, and spending time with family and friends are the things closest to my heart.

Thank you Mahesh! Warmly welcome to Hållbarhetsteamet, we are so happy to have you onboard.

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